St. Mar

Remember how Lou Grant would refer to Mary Richards as “Mar”
on The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

Sometimes, when I pray to Mary, I find myself saying,

“Hey, Mar, I could use a little help right now…”

Good old Mary… she is always there as a helper to point the creative way to Jesus.

Happy Feast of the Assumption!


Cheapskate? BOD.2006.detail
… detail from the August 3rd spread in my
abz book of days, volume 3 (starting in 2006).

My abz book of days (starting in 2006)
is a 4 volume set of sketchbooks starting on 1 January 2006.

Each of the four sketchbooks are devoted to one double page spread per day for three months. Today, I returned to theĀ “3 August” spread and added the drawing of my hand drawing with the black color pencil stub. There are currently 11 layers of images… I like to conserve paper, too!