Marianist Residence Remembrance Wall

There is so much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day of 2018…
here just two examples from my life:

For the lives of the over 180 brothers on our remembrance wall who have resided since 1960 at the Marianist Residence on the campus of St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas and have moved on to a new life.

For the opportunity to work on this project…
it is a culmination from each of my Marianist ministries:
my love of graphic design practiced at Marianist Press; my art installation experience at Marianist Galleries; my current love of things Marianist at the National Archives Marianist Province of the US.

After installing this project yesterday (21 November 2018), it was pointed out to me by a devoted member of our nursing staff, that a brother is missing. Br. Richard Roesch, SM (1923-2014) will be added to the wall after Br. Harold Lootens as soon as we procure a photo. Sorry for this unintentional omission.

Many thanks to Br. Tom Suda, SM for making the panels and Br. Sylvester Burkemper, SM for assisting in the installation.



A day for remembering my grandmothers who both died the day before Thanksgiving…

my mother’s mother…

Mary Ann (Mayme) Gollegly Perry   
aka “Nana”
born 30 November 1883 in Port Leyden, NY
died 21 November 1962 (56 years ago today) in Utica, NY

my father’s mother…

Notburga Hofer Zampier
aka “Grammy”
born 4 April 1891 in Brixen, Austria (came to the US on 20 November 1911)
died 25 November 1970 in Troy, NY

Thinking about these two strong women…
my mother’s mother had 6 children (one died at birth)
and my father’s mother had 9 children.

Thinking about family…
as an only child, I am the only person in the world with these two grandmothers
whose memory I am thankful for and keep alive this day before Thanksgiving.

crane number 1,000!

Since February 18, 2016, I have been giving away an origami peace crane each day folded out of a square of my own hand-painted paper. Most of the cranes have been placed around the campus of St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. My personal goal has been to do this for 1000 days with the intention of praying for world peace.
November 14, 2018, marks the 1000th day.
A special crane has been designed to be placed in the University Center at St. Mary’s University.

See #abzcraneproject for more photos and posts related to the project.

The staff of the National Archives Marianist Province of the US
at the placement of the 1000th abz origami peace crane
at the University Center, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas



Mother and child origami peace cranes…

I see the origami peace crane also as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.


The first “abz”…

remembering my father, who died thirty years ago today.

Andrew Benjamin Zampier with Andrew Brian Zampier
December 1955 (I was six months old!)



Went on a field trip last night to hear Austin Kleon speak at Texas Lutheran University.

Been using his Steal Like an Artist Journal to record my abz crane project.

Gave him number 943 and he signed my log that keeps track of where I have been placing my cranes… an addition to my abz autograph collection!


He is a fan of Sr. Corita Kent, so I also gave him a Brother Mel book!


As the Marianist Province of the US gathers in St. Louis this week,
here are 5 pages of sketches and notes from abz sketchbook journal 67,
documenting the 2000 Interprovincial Gathering in Chicago (June 29 – July 2)…
18 years ago!

Bus ride from Dayton, Ohio to Chicago


Opening liturgy with Br. Franklin Pao, SM (1935-2007)


Fr. Dave Fleming, SM talk



A gathering of Marianist artists during the 2000 Assembly:
Gary Marcinowski, Jim Roberts, Don Smith, Mel Meyer, Cletus Behlmann, Tom Suda,
Steve Erspamer (now Br. Martin Erspamer, OSB), Bob Resing (and myself)…
Br. Ray Fitz and Fr. Norb Burns joined us.



This is the advertisement that introduced me to the Marianists in March of 1980.
I love the copywriting. It could still be used today —
just substitute a Nissan Sentra for the Beetle.
I had a Chevette and sold it to a brother who was leaving.
Life is amazing… how we all have a path.
From the “abz” vocation story archive.

#marianists #marianistvocationstory


I am excited, thankful and honored
to have been accepted into the Annual Juried Issue
of Letter Arts Review (Winter 2018)…


I feel this recognition would not have occurred if it were not for the gift of many wonderful creative cheerleaders in my life: my parents, Andy & Betty were always interested in and supportive of my creative endeavors; art teachers: Holland Patent Central School — Grace Paull, Miriam Kashawa, Martha Deming, Helen Rusinek; professors: Mohawk Valley Community College — Paul Bowers, Sam Patterson (who encouraged us to keep a sketchbook); University at Buffalo — Don Nichols, Tony Rozak, Paul McKenna; Syracuse University — John Vargo, John Sellers, Ken Hine, Murray Tinkelman, Larry Bakke; and Marianist brother mentors: Gary Marcinowski, Bob Hughes, Joe Barrish, and last, but not least… Br. Mel Meyer… thank you, all!