Went on a field trip last night to hear Austin Kleon speak at Texas Lutheran University.

Been using his Steal Like an Artist Journal to record my abz crane project.

Gave him number 943 and he signed my log that keeps track of where I have been placing my cranes… an addition to my abz autograph collection!


He is a fan of Sr. Corita Kent, so I also gave him a Brother Mel book!


4.105.1.Mel quote

Thank you, Bro. Mel… I could not have said it better.

Wishes to all for a creative 2016!


4.105.3.Mel plaque

…if you have the time,
please share this message with your friends
to help promote the Marianist / artist vocation in all of us!


Art Nap painting
art nap
24″ x 24″, acrylic, completed at Mercy Center on 23 November 2014


art nap explained…

​​This painting is based on a dream written in my dream journal…
21 November 14, 5:31 am
Bro. Mel had a show of his own work. In it were three pieces of furniture he designed. He went up to one lounge chair and got in it like he was going to take a nap — he got comfortable.

My interpretation: I see myself growing and getting comfortable in my own work and who I am as an artist. A very comforting dream. Thank you.

pope francis chair

Pope Francis Chair

​Bro. Mel loved polka dots, so I based the lounge chair on the Pope Francis Chair we produced which was painted red with white polka dots​. I was originally only going to place the white polka dots on the chair shape. I believe by extending the polka dots over the figure, it gives the painting a spiritual dimension. The art/chair is a part of the figure and the figure is a part of the art/chair.

I enjoy working with a color palette of the six rainbow colors, black and white. Many times I choose orange for a neutral skin color. I have a blue Henley shirt. The gold and purple polka dots are based on my Holland Patent High School colors. The signature is in blue because it is autobiographical.

What do you see? What is your interpretation?


A pilgrimage…
I brought along with me to Colorado Springs some Bro. Mel watercolors. I decided today to find the location of one such house painting by Bro. Mel — on the “corner of Tejon and Caramillo Streets.” Come to find out, this location is an easy walk from where I am staying…

Bro. Mel, painting, sign, me, house
Bro. Mel CoSprings painting Bro. Mel. Co painting close up
Tomorrow, October 12 and the Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar, will mark the first anniversary of Bro. Mel’s death.

P.S…. 10 December 14 — Today I went back to this house. It was all decorated for Christmas. A woman came to the door and I explained that I had a 22-32 year old painting of her house. She likes art and was so happy to received it — I gave her a Bro. Mel book, too! It was a great feeling for me to give out an unexpected Christmas gift.

pikes peak view
… a view of a snow covered Pikes Peak on my way back.


My last painted mask…

During my time at Marianist Galleries, I painted many a Bro. Mel mask. Sometimes he would make 12 at a time and my painting table would be covered with them. I would go around applying color to each one. I fondly referred to the process as “mask production.”

About a week ago, a woman brought in an old, rusted mask and asked me to repaint it…

abz.ps.3.138.1.Last mask.before   abz.ps.3.138.2Last mask.after
At first I told her we did not do this anymore. She pleaded with me and I said I could get out some paints again… so her poor, rusted mask received a face lift.

gals and guitars
Bro. Mel’s “Gals and Guitars” that were at Marianist Galleries —
the only masks left now are the two we are saving that were in his room.


Marianist Galleries…

Mar Gal.19May14
The Marianist Galleries building on the campus of St. John Vianney High School in Kirkwood, Missouri, which began as a caretaker’s cottage and became a creative force in the art world under the direction of the late Bro. Mel Meyer, will transition to the mission of Vianney.

Artwork will be sold at the galleries until July 19; after that date, a selection of Bro. Mel’s artwork showcasing his life will be on permanent display, and will remain the property of the Society of Mary / The Marianists. Bro. Brian Zampier, who has faithfully continued at the galleries, will be on sabbatical from September through December.

Bro. Mel was the resident artist at the “cottage” beginning in 1969. He added the A-frame studio and the two-story addition in the 1970s. Other artists in residence at the galleries over the years include Bros. Gerry Hyland, Steve Erspamer, Tom Suda and Cletus Behlmann.

abz postscipt…

Bro. Mel was fortunate to have some wonderful assistants over the years: his sister, Rita “Slats” Meyer Moellering (who played with the Peoria Redwings of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from 1946-49), John McCarthy, and Lyn Lucas; along with welders Bill Cowie and Greg Williams. It was my privilege to work with Mel for 10 wonderful years. He changed my life.

3.Mel and abz on tricycle

Feel free to leave a comment or reflection about Bro. Mel and Marianist Galleries below…