Marianist Residence Remembrance Wall

There is so much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day of 2018…
here just two examples from my life:

For the lives of the over 180 brothers on our remembrance wall who have resided since 1960 at the Marianist Residence on the campus of St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas and have moved on to a new life.

For the opportunity to work on this project…
it is a culmination from each of my Marianist ministries:
my love of graphic design practiced at Marianist Press; my art installation experience at Marianist Galleries; my current love of things Marianist at the National Archives Marianist Province of the US.

After installing this project yesterday (21 November 2018), it was pointed out to me by a devoted member of our nursing staff, that a brother is missing. Br. Richard Roesch, SM (1923-2014) will be added to the wall after Br. Harold Lootens as soon as we procure a photo. Sorry for this unintentional omission.

Many thanks to Br. Tom Suda, SM for making the panels and Br. Sylvester Burkemper, SM for assisting in the installation.


2 comments on “Marianist Residence Remembrance Wall

  1. Terri Morgan says:

    Thank you for a wonderful tribute to those who have served the Marianists and made such an impact on so many. As a friend of Fr. Joseph Tarrillion and Fr Don Cowie, I am especially touched by this memorial.

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