Went on a field trip last night to hear Austin Kleon speak at Texas Lutheran University.

Been using his Steal Like an Artist Journal to record my abz crane project.

Gave him number 943 and he signed my log that keeps track of where I have been placing my cranes… an addition to my abz autograph collection!


He is a fan of Sr. Corita Kent, so I also gave him a Brother Mel book!

remembering Bro. Mel…

3.Mel and abz on tricycle
…on this day we lay a creative giant to rest just across the street from where this photo was taken (the tricycle is now on the grounds of the Webster Groves Recreation Complex).

It makes no difference.

You may not be a fan of Bro. Mel’s artwork…
You may not care for “modern art.”

You may be a baker who decorates cakes… or a housewife who loves to sew… You may be a doctor. You may be a quilter, a gardener, or caregiver. You may love to cook. You may be a scientist, a postal worker, or a scrap metal collector. You may love to teach music… you may have been a school secretary, factory worker, or waiter. You may be a housekeeper, hospice worker or writer.

It makes no difference. No matter whom you are, what you have done in the past, what you do now, or whatever your likes are…
there is no denying this one fact…

Bro. Melvin August Meyer, Marianist, loved to create.

His life and love of creating give us a glimpse at what our Creator is like: kind, devoted, prolific, and diverse. I give thanks and am so grateful to have known Bro. Mel.