The first “abz”…

remembering my father, who died thirty years ago today.

Andrew Benjamin Zampier with Andrew Brian Zampier
December 1955 (I was six months old!)



Happy Father’s Day!

abz.ps.3.146.father's day
… my father is standing to the right of my grandmother, Notburga Hofer Zampier (1891 – 1970). I am guessing this photo was taken around 1924(?) in Troy, NY. On the far right is my grandfather, Ludwig Zampier, who died in 1961. There are six children in this picture — three more are yet to come!


Drawing with a 40,000 degree pen
(the plasma cutter can cut up to 1/4″ thick metal)… explained further…

abz.ps3.93.87.2641.plasma cutter piece.explnd
As one of my first large scale pieces (it measures 5’w x 4’h), I typed up an explaination of it and pasted it in my sketchbook… on view at Marianist Galleries.