Needle felting is so much fun…

needle felted illustrated alphabet by Br. A. Brian Zampier, SM

                                                                                                                                       y yawning y yawning     6.12.25.yellow y from joy    

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abz needle felting
… illustrated letters of the alphabet …

6.12.1.Adam's apple
Apple with a worm named Adam… it is really Adam’s apple.

6.12.2.bent banana
Bent banana

Crescent cantaloupe

Doughnut for dunking

(flip side…

Bagel with seeds)

6.12.5.egg eyeing you
Egg with its eye on you

6.12.6.friendly face
Friendly face on Facebook garter snake
Green garter snake

6.12.8.heaven'n hell
Heaven n’ hell

Imaginary insect

Just joy

6.12.11.colorful kite
Colorful kite Laverne's lollipop Laverne's lollipop
Laverne’s luscious lemon-lime lollipop

6.12.13.Ms. Mouse.
Ms. Mouse

Nutritious Neapolitan ice cream

IMG_0595 Origami inspired orange “o” owl

Two ” ‘p’eas” in a pod

6.12.15.questioning q
Questioning “q”

Really a Rainbow

6.12.19.S sculpture
Simple steel-colored sans serif “S” shaped sculpture

6.12.20.t tuxedo
Tuxedo that fits to a “t”

Yellow “u” shaped umbrella handle

veriegated vase.1
Variegated vase with a touch of violet

veriegated vase.2     veriegated vase.3

6.12.23.two watermelon wedges
Two wonderful watermelon wedges

6.12.24.x marks the spot
X marks the spot exactly y yawning y yawning
Yellow y yawning

6.12.25.yellow y from joy
…plus the yellow y from Joy (see J)

6.12.26.Zachery, the zig zag zebra
Zachary, the zig zag zebra