“Uncopyrightable” is a cool word with 15 non-repeating letters.

Here it is in the abz needle felted typeface…




Day 4: 28 September 2013…

abz.ps.2.268.Carols house

3.1.Oldbarn cem.perry.zamp  3.2.Oldbarn cem.zamp
 Visited Oldenbarneveld Cemetery where my parents are buried. My mother’s maiden name was Perry. I do not believe the folks in front are related.

Many beautiful old gravestones with wonderful typography…

3.3.Oldbarn cem mappa    3.4.oldbarn cem exit
3.5.50 year old tree
Approximately 50 year old trees at where we used to live on Mappa Avenue in Barneveld, NY… I remember the tree on the left being protected by a cottage cheese container so our landlord, Mr. Kula, would not hit it with the lawn mower!