“Andrew Brian Zampier” in the abz needle felted typeface
I am lucky to have no repeating letters in each one of my three names!

abz needle fellted







4.105.1.Mel quote

Thank you, Bro. Mel… I could not have said it better.

Wishes to all for a creative 2016!


4.105.3.Mel plaque

…if you have the time,
please share this message with your friends
to help promote the Marianist / artist vocation in all of us!


A glorified doodle…

Adult coloring books are big sellers these days…  make your own!

Draw some fun, intersecting lines with various media  — thick markers, thin markers, color pencils, crayons, etc. — color in the shapes — think about lights and darks and what colors you put next to each other — add some polka dots, stripes or textures — just have fun coloring!