abz crane project…  (#abzcraneproject)

cranes in the light - cropped.jpg

I have enjoyed folding origami cranes since 5th grade. One year I made 65 cranes with white parchment paper for our family Christmas tree. The process of folding a crane can be very meditative and relaxing. I can remember it taking me quite a while to figure out the directions from a diagram in a new origami book. Then one day, I figured it out. Today we have youtube! See the link below.

Not wanting to waste paper, I take the used flip chart paper from my sketchbook journal workshops and make giant size origami cranes! Lately I have been placing them on a park bench in the courtyard near where I work. I remembered hearing a legend about folding 1,000 cranes for world peace. I must be close to 1,000. For that cool story, click here. To learn how to fold an origami crane, click here.

In memory of Sadako Sasaki, to promote world peace, and to help the environment…
fold a crane from a piece of paper you would normally throw away — you will have to make it into a square first* — and put it out there for someone to find.  Be creative and paint, draw, write or make marks on the paper. Water proof it with a clear gloss, if you like.

* If the paper is 8 1/2 x 11, take the upper left corner and fold it down and to the right so the top edge lines up with the right hand edge. Trim off the excess and you have a square.

4.something.1.cranes...     4.something.2.cranes     4.something.3.cranes     4.something.4.cranes    4.something.5.cranes     4.something.6.cranes     4.something.7.cranes     4.something.8.cranes       4.something.9.cranes     4.something.10.cranes     4.48.11.cranes     4.48.12.cranes 4.48.13.cranes.bw.color     4.48.14.cranes.color.pair     4.48.15.cranes. ma.twins     4.48.16.cranes.color.pair 4.48.17.cranes.skbt jrnl wkshp.pair     4.48.18.cranes..pair kissing     4.48.19.cranes.moth.chld.wterclr.acrylic     4.48.20.cranes.color and b & w      4.48.21.cranes.two little ones     4.48.22.cranes.two rainbow cranes     4.48.23.cranes.hot.pink.copper crane     4.48.24.mother and green child    4.48.25.flour.orange and green     4.48.26.family of three     4.48.27.peace circle     4.48.28.familyoffive 4.48.29.mother and kid     4.48.30.formation of 5     4.48.31.take off circle     4.48.32.take off from ma
map and red crane.jpg     abz show flyer crane.jpg

abz crane project…

putting out at least 1000 origami peace cranes (they are now each numbered) around the campus of St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas… they all usually fly away, some multiply with messages (even in Chinese). I never really know what happens to them.

… if you end up with a crane, photograph it in its new location and post… or make some cranes yourself, take a picture of where you place them, and post to #abzcraneproject

My theory is if more people fold and give away origami cranes — including world, military, and gang leaders — everyone would be reminded of the need for world peace and we would stop wasting valuable time and money on war, fighting, and gun violence.

abz crane project.74

abz crane project explained.jpg

For a project update, click here.


7 comments on “4.48

  1. Linda Makarewicz says:

    I love folding origami cranes. The paper and process used here is incredible

  2. Linda Makarewicz says:

    I love folding origami cranes as part of a meditation process.

  3. donna says:

    Love my crane given to me in my dental office. I brought it home to cherish because I love what its all about. Thanks ABZ. Your friend, the toothfairy

  4. Lynn Obermoeller says:

    I may give this a try – since there is no date or time frame involved, I could do it in my leisure!

    • abz says:

      Once you get the hang of folding cranes, it can be very meditative… and fun… give it a try… and spread some cranes around St. Louis!

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