4.38 in MemphisWaiting in Memphis and added watercolor experiments...


What makes a good drawing?
For some reason, I like these two drawings. They were drawn in the Memphis airport after a long day of traveling. I really try to work at blind contour drawing. When my pen is moving, my eyes are on the subject and not on the paper. When my hand stops drawing, I look down to see what happened. In these drawings, I like the spontaneity of the line, the positive and negative shapes, the occasional wild line, the distortions that just happen naturally. I really believe, when it comes to drawing: the more I do, the better I get at developing eye to brain to hand coordination.

My favorite drawing book is: On-the-spot Drawing: Twelve famous illustrators describe their materials and working methods on location by Nick Meglin, published in 1969.


6 comments on “4.38

  1. captelaine says:

    I like drawings like this too… the lines sing with vitality.

  2. Patsy Parr says:

    Wonderful people ! Great place to sketch.
    (Drawing group active again at ArtMart Thurs. afternoons. Hooray !)

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