Recap of the 2015 snowperson season 
17 February 2015 — Gumball snowperson is born…

4.6.1Gumball snowperson.1    4.6.2Gumball snowperson.2

4.6.3Gumball snowperson.3    4.6.4Gumball snowperson.4
4.6.5Gumball snowperson.5    4.6.6.Gumball snowperson.6

1 March 2015 — Snowperson daydreaming is born…

4.6.7sp.daydreaming.7    4.6.8Gumball sp.and.sp.dd..8
4.6.9.Gumball sp.and.sp.dd.9    4.6.10.Gumball sp.and.sp.dd.10
4.6.11.Gumball sp.and.sp.dd.11    4.6.12.Gumball sp.and.sp.dd.12
4.6.13.Gumball sp.and.sp.dd.13     4.6.15.Gumball sp.and.sp.dd.15

2015 snowperson season:  17 February 2015 – 10 March 2015

… as time marches on…




One comment on “4.6

  1. Patsy Parr says:

    Oh ! We must have snow people ! Thank you so much for the time line……..however we
    are so grateful for the sunshine !!!! Cheers, for you !

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