abz sketchbook journal 1


An anniversary…

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the earliest recorded date — “12/24/74” — in all of my sketchbooks. It appears in the back of abz sketchbook journal 1. I can even remember the day. I was off from school at Mohawk Valley Community college where I was taking “Drawing 3.” Mr. Patterson encouraged us to keep a sketchbook. I had brought home a drawing book from the library and was sitting at our kitchen table in Barneveld, NY taking notes from the book in my sketchbook. For some reason, I placed the date on the top of the page. There are other pages of notes from the class dated January 1975. At that point, I was not in the habit of dating pages.

abz.ps. in red



6 comments on “3.198

  1. Kathy Kelly says:

    Happy happy anniversary. What are you drawing today? Kathy

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Patsy Parr says:

    You certainly launched a treasure and an on-going challenge ! How fun to return with pages
    overloaded with memories just for you ! Truly a Gift ! Congratulations and wishes for many more !

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