Art Nap painting
art nap
24″ x 24″, acrylic, completed at Mercy Center on 23 November 2014


art nap explained…

​​This painting is based on a dream written in my dream journal…
21 November 14, 5:31 am
Bro. Mel had a show of his own work. In it were three pieces of furniture he designed. He went up to one lounge chair and got in it like he was going to take a nap — he got comfortable.

My interpretation: I see myself growing and getting comfortable in my own work and who I am as an artist. A very comforting dream. Thank you.

pope francis chair

Pope Francis Chair

​Bro. Mel loved polka dots, so I based the lounge chair on the Pope Francis Chair we produced which was painted red with white polka dots​. I was originally only going to place the white polka dots on the chair shape. I believe by extending the polka dots over the figure, it gives the painting a spiritual dimension. The art/chair is a part of the figure and the figure is a part of the art/chair.

I enjoy working with a color palette of the six rainbow colors, black and white. Many times I choose orange for a neutral skin color. I have a blue Henley shirt. The gold and purple polka dots are based on my Holland Patent High School colors. The signature is in blue because it is autobiographical.

What do you see? What is your interpretation?


5 comments on “3.192

  1. Kathy Kelly says:

    being in the world, with God, is better than OK. It is fun.

  2. Audi Smith says:

    you lying on the ground watching it snow all over you?

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