I will be teaching a sketchbook journal class in Colorado Springs!

the art of documenting your days: sketchbook journaling
instructor: a. brian zampier
saturday | november 15 | 10 am to 1 pm | $40

Join A. Brian Zampier, artist and Marianist brother from St. Louis, Missouri as he guides you through the creative possibilities for keeping a sketchbook journal.

Designed for those of us who always say, “I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler” and for artists who need some encouragement to get that old sketchbook going again. You will be led through four hands-on exercises in “Markmaking 101.”

There will be plenty of examples to show from Brian’s sketchbooks, which he has been keeping since 24 December 1974 (he’s currently on number 95!) and time will be given to explore the possibilities and to share with others your creative adventures.

Bring along a sketchbook if you have one, or buy a simple 8 1/2 x 11 wire bound one. Some additional supplies will be available at the workshop. iPads and tablets welcome if you’d like to go the paperless route!

register now: the art of documenting your days: sketchbook journaling| november 15 ($40)

click here for link to see other class listings and to register (scroll down to see my class)


3 comments on “3.190

  1. Patsy Parr says:

    Hooray ! Sketchbook Journaling lives on ! I am sure your attendees will truly enjoy your
    introduction to sketching. It’s contagious !
    Thanks for the update…..my very best to you ! Patsy

  2. resingart says:

    Nice Brian. I hope you get a good number of folks turning up for it.

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