A pilgrimage…
I brought along with me to Colorado Springs some Bro. Mel watercolors. I decided today to find the location of one such house painting by Bro. Mel — on the “corner of Tejon and Caramillo Streets.” Come to find out, this location is an easy walk from where I am staying…

Bro. Mel, painting, sign, me, house
Bro. Mel CoSprings painting Bro. Mel. Co painting close up
Tomorrow, October 12 and the Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar, will mark the first anniversary of Bro. Mel’s death.

P.S…. 10 December 14 — Today I went back to this house. It was all decorated for Christmas. A woman came to the door and I explained that I had a 22-32 year old painting of her house. She likes art and was so happy to received it — I gave her a Bro. Mel book, too! It was a great feeling for me to give out an unexpected Christmas gift.

pikes peak view
… a view of a snow covered Pikes Peak on my way back.


3 comments on “3.188

  1. Patsy Parr says:

    Fantastic ! Brother Mel’s work lives on ! Follow his footsteps and I know you are finding joy in your
    Sabbatical. The Peak stands in glorious beauty drenched in sunshine. What sights we are privileged to enjoy. My best to you, Patsy

  2. Marjorie says:

    Oh, Brian, this is a special Christmas story and a wonderful rememberance of Bro. Mel. I am sure it will be very much loved and appreciated. It is home, 🏡
    Thinking of you! Love , Marjorie

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