My last painted mask…

During my time at Marianist Galleries, I painted many a Bro. Mel mask. Sometimes he would make 12 at a time and my painting table would be covered with them. I would go around applying color to each one. I fondly referred to the process as “mask production.”

About a week ago, a woman brought in an old, rusted mask and asked me to repaint it…

abz.ps.3.138.1.Last mask.before   abz.ps.3.138.2Last mask.after
At first I told her we did not do this anymore. She pleaded with me and I said I could get out some paints again… so her poor, rusted mask received a face lift.

gals and guitars
Bro. Mel’s “Gals and Guitars” that were at Marianist Galleries —
the only masks left now are the two we are saving that were in his room.


One comment on “3.138

  1. obermoeller says:

    I’m so glad we purchased one of Bro. Mel’s masks. I just love it.

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