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I have a dream for a
Make Your Mark Community Center

… a place where anyone can learn and share with others the art of documenting an unfolding life story.

I love to encourage all people to make their mark in a sketchbook journal, especially those who believe they can not draw. That is why in my workshops I offer Markmaking 101. Here I introduce the “non-artist” to various forms of markmaking: blind contour, cartoony, imagination and abstract, writing, collage, and digital.

The practice of sketchbook journaling promotes the development of a creative, non-judgmental, and reflective outlook on life. Five “rules” of markmaking are: Play! Have fun! Do not be afraid! Suspend judgment! and Date your pages!

I encourage folks to make some kind of mark each day for creativity, good health, and spiritual well-being. The Make Your Mark Community Center is the place where that journey can begin and continue to flourish. There is no one physical place, yet — just each time I give a sketchbook journal workshop, the community grows as those who think they have no “artistic” talent, create.

Andrew Brian Zampier: 25th Jubilee Reflection Portfolio
Peace, Bro. A. Brian Zampier, SM


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  1. Paul says:

    Very creative, maybe it will work for me.

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