Great group of sketchbook journalers…

29 March 2014: Ring in Spring Sketchbook Journal Day
at Marycliff Marianist Community in Eureka, Missouri.


5 comments on “3.69

  1. marthakeimstlouis says:

    wish you could come here to the Cazenovia watercolor society and do a workshop

    • abz says:

      Hey, Martha… it might be possible. I love a reason to go to upstate NY. Let me know what your group would like. Maybe they would be willing to sponsor a Sketchbook Journal Retreat at a retreat center!

      • marthakeimstlouis says:

        sponsor. can’t help being an editor. I will speak to our club prez Tuesday. We have a workshop second week in May, but the price has gone beyond my limited range. A one-or-two day retreat sounds heavenly.

  2. obermoeller says:

    This was such an inspiring workshop – thank you. I’m going to blog about it tomorrow on my blog 🙂
    at lynnobermoeller.blogspot.com and I love your blog!

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