abz.ps.2.25.hpy val day earth
Happy Valentine’s Day, Earth…
may the law of love expand from neighborhoods to nations.

abz.ps.2.282.1.Uncle John and me
Remembering Uncle John…
14 February 1925 – 3 December 2013… May you rest in love and peace, Brian


5 comments on “3.25

  1. A beautiful thought, may love expand! Remembering my Dad on this day, thankful for all 88 years, almost 10 months we had with him. I am sure there are quite a few girls at CVPH remembering as well, every time (at least 10 times every visit) he had to give his birthdate someone said, “oh, your a valentine baby”. It became something that had to be said. I miss him <3.
    Love your posts, Brian.

  2. freebirdsings says:

    It counts as a sketch to me! Nice tribute to your Uncle too.

  3. Mary Beth Kemper says:

    Thank you, Brian! So beautiful–still striving to live it!

  4. marthakeimstlouis says:

    wishing the earth well too

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