Vintage Brother Mel Show at Marianist Galleries

5. gallery big wall
…something old, something new, something big: a visual Thanksgiving feast for your eyes. This exhibit runs from Saturday, November 2 through Saturday, November 30, 2013. Pictured above is the largest Bro. Mel piece (8’6″w x 6’6″h) we have, plus nine “little” gems (each approx 42″ square).

6. gallery wall of nine 10. old and new
Brother Mel kept a log of his larger pieces with his last entry being number 8,691. We have his last painting signed on 10 September 2013 next to number 32 which would have been done in the late 1960s.

11.memory cove shoe tree  new  3.Mem cove.guitar, masks
We have a memory cove in the gallery where we are highlighting some special pieces (which are not for sale): the popular Shoe Tree; Bro. Mel’s portrait of his sister, Rita; along with two masks which were in his room. Also featured is the Pope Francis Chair and an alphabet made out of metal scrap pieces and old tools.

Please feel free to stop by Monday thru Saturday from 10am – 4pm
and remember Bro. Mel with us.


2 comments on “2.285

  1. Lyn Lucas says:

    Beautifully displayed exhibit of Bro Mel’s works. He would love it!

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