Day 7: 1 October 2013… off to Plattsburgh, NY to visit Uncle John Perry (my mother’s youngest brother and only surviving sibling).

6.1.leaves  6.2.Uncle john on porch
Leaf stop along the Northway… Uncle John (age 88) lives in a wonderful assisted living home called Victory Place… a beautifully renovated convent.

6.3.Uncle John

6.4 UJ w.nurses  6.5 UJ w.nurses  6.6 UJ w.nurses  6.7 UJ w.nurses
Uncle John is a hit with all the medical personel at the Fitzpatrick Cancer Center at Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital… they say he is a medical miracle and doesn’t know it…

6.8 UJ getting a kiss


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  1. Brian, is there a way I could get a printed copy of this? I would love to include it with a thank-you I have for these wonderful people, who were so great to Dad. Thanks love Marjie

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