2013 abz upstate New York tour…

I appreciate silence. I drove my entire upstate New York tour of 2,754.5 miles with no radio, no music CDs, no book CDs. Just me driving along and looking at the life around me as I pass through it. I think about my life. I pray. I talk to myself. I may even sing a song once in a while. Good thing I am alone. I enjoy going on the non-interstate roads to soak up the visual sights of the local area.

Day 1: 25 October 2013… St. Louis, Missouri to Dayton, Ohio…

Left St. Louis in the dark… the sky opens up moving east.

While traveling along Route 40, this historical marker caught my eye in Cambridge City, Indiana. Never heard of the Overbeck sisters before —  six sisters and four of them were potters. They seem to be very interesting artists that call for some more research and maybe a local library visit the next time through.

1.3 MSJ elephant ear 1.4window view msj
Spent the night at Meyer Hall at Mount Saint John in Dayton, Ohio…
Elephant ear in front of Meyer Hall and the view from my room.

P.S. Happy feast day of Our Lady of the Pillar!


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