Imageabz bookshelf top, part one

I have a collection of various “art” things — creative items that make me smile — collected through the years. A few of these things are on the top of a bookshelf that was in my room in Barneveld, NY.

…from left, counter clockwise…

Juggling snow person… gift from cousins Kate Candreva and Carol Gollegly from Young’s Dairy gift shop, mid 1990s.

Geode from Tom Wendorf for my birthday this year.

Cool spider with realistically moving legs in a carved wooden nutshell (that you open up and it scares you to death) from John Morand, 1980s.

Decorative wooden box you slide open and a dragon pops out and hits your finger from Mrs. Kashawa’s gift shop in Old Forge, mid 1960s.

abz painted Br. Mel sunny side up metal egg, Christmas gift from Br. Mel, 2003.

abz metal mother and child… Mary is pointing to Jesus and saying, “Do whatever he tells you.”

Favorite Polaroid of my father laughing while watching “Hollywood Squares.”



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