Kneeler chair series… on drawing and prayer…
While on retreat at St. Meinrad Archabbey, I found myself drawing the kneeler chair in front of me while waiting for the liturgies to begin. When I stop to draw, I see, I pray, the world around me opens up…

ImageDuring the first drawing, I was looking more at the paper than at the kneeler chair. The line is scratchy, hesitant, timid, trying to find its way.

abz.ps.2.187.2.kneeler series
During the second drawing (along with a collage of my name tag and a drawing of Br. Martin), I only look down at the paper when my pen stops, just to see where I am. The line is freeer, but the drawing had to be condensed because of the format of the page.

abz.ps.2.187.3.kneeler series
In the third drawing, it is still a blind contour drawing (only looking when my pen stops). Here there was more room to draw more of the chair, but the kneeler part is off-kilter.
The fourth drawing was done totally blind — starting and not looking at the paper until I believe it to be finished. Things happen I would never plan. I love the two little lonely lines above the top of the chair. Again, I found myself trying to condense things to fit the page. When I return, I want to try a totally blind contour drawing with a big sheet of paper!


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